The Sunnah The Better

When we were much smaller than this, each time Ramadhan approaches, the feelings used to be far from a joyous one. What do you expect? The regular munching of food in the day times won’t be available for a whole month, what could be more bothering to a child than that?.
Another challenge was that, we used to believe fasting means;

1.) No daylight bath.
2.) No daylight washing of the mouth.
3.) and some other constraints.

A colleague in school once made jest of us and said, “Now that Ramadhan is coming, muslims’ mouths will start smelling“.
But then came understanding of the Sunnah, we now understood that an afternoon shower does not nullify the fast, that washing the mouth with a toothbrush or chewing stick (provided there is no escape through the throat) does not nullify the fast, that there is a difference between a smelly mouth (due to mouth not being washed) and the fasting person’s breadth (which is pleasant to Allaah than the smell of musk).
Now, the expectation of Ramadhan brings a joyous mood that is second to none. We eagerly await it, knowing it signifies mercy, another opportunity to rectify our ways and establish a better way of life.
These understanding came along with the recognition of the Sunnah of the holy Prophet (ﷺ)